"Coca Cola Zero Free" Launching In Japan

April 19, 2010

Coca Cola has a over 50 years history in Japan, the Coca Cola (Japan) Company was established on 25 June 1957.

Coca Cola is launching a new coke in Japan, the “Coca Cola Zero free”.

This new coke has zero sugar, zero preservatives, synthetic fragrances as well as zero caffeine (caffeine-free), it contains zero calories.


It is marketed as a delicious new drink that adults enjoy when relaxing at night, for someone who cares about their health.

Coca Cola currently have several variety of coke in Japan:

  • Coca Cola (regular coke): launched in March 1957, 45 kcal/100 ml
  • Coca Cola Zero: originally launched in June 2007, went through two renewals, current form was relaunched in February 2010,  0 kcal/100 ml

    Coca Cola Zero

  • Coca Cola Plus : with added vitamin, launched in January 2009, with 0 kcal/100 ml

    Coca Cola Plus

  • Coca Cola Plus fiber: with added fiber, launched in October 2009, 0 kcal/100 ml

    Coca Cola Plus fiber

"Coca Cola Zero Free" will be available in Japan from 26 April 2010, the recommended selling price are:


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